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Thread: acne??

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    wondering if the prescription topical cream retin-a works well for acne? anyone ever try it? i did a while ago for teen acne but only for a short time. i remember it worked a little bit but i couldn't handle the dryness and peeling that it caused on the face and lips. however, i will definitely want to use it when i go on my cycle because i can't stand acne. i also saw a commercial recently about a new form of retin-a that came out. anyone hear of it and is it better? thanks.

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    Not to state the obvious, BUT you said you already took it and it made your face dry and lips chapped. Well, then it's doing it's job because theat's what it's supposed to do. If you don't want to do it again, maybe try B-5. I'm taking it right now, ::knock on wood:, I'm ok.

    Also try a search, there is numerous things on these board about acne, and how to prevent it.

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    I dont get acne bad.....infact i never got one zit in my life before my first cycle....but when im on a cycle and i get some on my sholders i just go tanning and it clears up right away...

    but nothing beats a good day out in the hot sun with the shirt alot better then tanning

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    i have the same results as shot. i avoid retin A now because of the peeling. if i break out, i either go tanning or swim in a pool. the chlorine will dry them out. it's mostly on my shoulders and back

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