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    sust, tribolin and oral turinabol

    hey guys!

    just wanting to get a little more info from different sources
    im finishing off a course of sust, tribolin, and oral turinabol . i got very good gains picking up 9kgs, 19.8 pounds and holding basically no water, in 7 weeks and am starting to ween myself off the gear now.

    my question is what would you guys say i take to keep my gains?

    i am going to take pregnol and am currintly taking neophedan.
    ive been hearing allot about clenbuterol keeping you anabolic when you come off a course, so do you think its worth taking it as well?

    any info is much appreciated


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    the usual is clomid 300 mg the first day. 100 mg the next 10 day's. 50 mg the next 10 day's. also take proviron . it put's androgen's in you're body, so you don't crash. it doe's not suppress natural test. production, or the HPTA. i never heard of the drug's you mentioned. e-mail me if you have any question's.

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