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    Got sick in forst two weeks of cycle, not sure what to do ?

    This Sucks. Ive been sick for over a week with flu and now i have strep throat. My temp had been hagin around the 105 mark for a couple days straight. I Basically finished up my second week when all this came one. I was up 12-13 pounds to 217 or so. Im on a anadrol /sus/fina/winnie cycle. Needless to say i cant eat and havent been to the gym in days and have even discontinued taking the juice while sick. My question is, should I just take some time off and restart my cycle in month or so.......or just jump right back in once i feel better? Thanks guys

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    i was sick once in the middle of a cycle and i just took off till i was able to hit the gym again. i gained back quickly what i had lost.

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