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    Hey Mike

    What do you think about what Bill Roberts says about taking like 20mg/day dbol , but just in the morning, at the end of the cycle? He says it should shut you down since it has such a short half life. I am very curios about this. I was finally given the name of a doctor who is suppose to have alot of knowledge about the effects of steroids on HTPA. As soon as I can get some hard facts, I will post them. Such as, how much of shut down is do to dose, to length of time, to type of steroid , anabolic or androgenic , etc. These where also some of the question they had in the book I metioned above. Again, for me I want to see some proof. I've read all of the boards, listened to all of the conflicting info, and have even tried different methods myself. And for anybody who thinks anavar won't shut you down, it does, I know first hand. I'm just wondering how many people on these boards have actually try to find scientic studies to back up all of the advice that is given.

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    I do bro - I work in the field - I don't base knowledge on anything BUT real clinical studies.

    Now I am sorry but I don't understand your BR question - what about taking 20/day in the morn of Dbol ??

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