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    new cycle critique

    im about to start a new cycle. here it is:
    week 1-8 test prop 75mg ed
    weeks 1-8 tbol 50mg ed
    weeks 1-4 igf-1 lr3 40-60mcg post w/o
    weeks 9-12 igf-1 lr3 40-60mcg post w/o
    im lookin to use something like rebound xt, activate, and lean xtreme by designer supps along with hcg during pct. my main question is what would u bros do during the cycle for anti-e's and hcg. i really want no water retention. my diet and training will be in check so no worries there. any criticisms or suggestions r appreciated.

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    You should hold very little water on that cycle.If you are really concerned about it,then run Nolv @ 10 mgs ED,liquidex @ .25 mgs ED.That should be more than sufficient.
    I don't see a need for HCG in that short cycle...jmo


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    run clomid @100mg/ed and nolva @20mg/ed i agree with pinn forget the hcg

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