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    Adding Creatine to a Cycle - Effect?


    I hope this is not too much of a newbie question. I did a few searches and found no answers.

    Here it is:

    I am on a new 8 week cycle of EQ, Sust, Winny, T3, clomid and nolva on hand... (I'm on week one)...

    My goal here is to add some weight (muscle) but more importantly drop the BF and get the vascularity. Currently I am at 11% BF. I think at 6-8% i will look pretty ripped. I am also concentrating on diet (high protein, low carb) and doing 20 minutes of jogging 5 days per week for cardio. (plenty of water)

    Would it make any sense to take creatine with this cycle? I hear some say that it makes you bloated. If this is true, maybe it will be working against me (getting vascular and ripped). What are the pro's and cons of taking creatine while cycling. I have been taking it with grape juice after my workouts for about a week now (no loading)

    What do you guys think of dropping 3-5% BF on this cycle (8 weeks). Do you guys think that is attainable?


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    Unhappy no

    If your trying to put on lots of size, forget the jogging for now, the creatine is not gonna kill you or make you incredible hulk, sure some people retain water on creatine, but you will retain water with roids too! 3-6% or whatever you said on that cycle, no way achieving a 3% body fat percentage takes serious work, and to keep muscle mass with serious dieting and cardio to drop to a bf that low is very tricky, thats almost professional or at least intermediate stuff, eat like a pig put on some weight then after chisel it away maybe with a clenbuterol /eca cycle ? just my thoughts

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    If i were you I would forget the cardio and bulk up. 11% bodyfat whilst not ripped, is relatively low.

    In the past I have found it far easier to do one thing or another ie gain or cut.

    You should do a separate course afterwards to cut up.

    in the end its up to you!!!

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    I'm not a pro but here is my opinion for what is worth.

    If your main goal is to drop the bodyfat then I would discountinue the creatine. Use it for when you want to add mass.

    I would also increase your cardio to 30 mins each session and make sure you are doing it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or after your workouts.

    I personally would not use Sust in a stack to lose weight but I think you'll be ok.

    Do I think your goals are obtainable - yes. 7% bodyfat is a realistic goal and when you get there you will feel and look awesome, not to mention vascular as a mutta futta.

    Stay clean and focused on the diet and train your ask off.

    Oh, I would drop the grapefruit juice. You don't need the simple sugars (unless you are drinking your winny with it, I understand it helps with absorption)

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    thanks bulldog for your reply,

    I hear ya on the Sust, I am only taking 250mg (1 cc per week). I figured that it would help me preseve muscle because of the cardio and the T3. BTW, i am taking the EQ (Ttokkyo) at 400mg/week and the Winny at 50mg EOD. I plan on just taking 25mcg of the T3 per day on the last three weeks. \

    I'll kep you guys posted on my results. Kinda sucks because i starting having a bad pain in my right shoulder today. I dont think it will hold me back too much.


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    IMO the only time you should be taking creatine AND gear at the same time is when you are on anavar .

    I have also heard dbol increases phosphocreatine stores in the muscle as well but not as much as anavar. Plus you will look like a puffer fish on dbol without the added water retention from creatine.

    Use it as a bridge between cycles if at all. Personally I wouldn't waste my money on the crap.

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    creatine= SHIT

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    I would rate creatine as in the top 3 of supplements

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