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    I'm along time user of Gear. but I have seen the advantages of injecting in diffrent areas of the body. Does any EXPERIENCED users know where in the pec's & biceps to inject. Thanks

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    For bi, flex, find the peak and inject straite in (Not while flexed flexing is just to land mark the spot) Just stick, asperate, inject like a normal shot.

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    Mike Guest
    I dont go straight down for bis - I inject as BG21 said but at about a 45 degree angle pointing from my body down away from my torso. Pec I inject from the side of the pec slightly above where the nipple would be (picture standing up looking down at your pec - find the meatiest part and from your side make a 90degree angle so that you are coming straight into your pec horizontally instead of through your pec towards your heart - be careful of the nerve ending attached to your nipple however) painful injection I would hope you're using something thin enough to use a 23 or smaller

    good luck/be safe

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