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    Should sust or deca be tapered from 500mg to 250mg last two weeks, and i would assume that at least dbol should be tapered for the last two weeks as well?

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    sus is self tapering

    deca is old school to taper best if you dont

    dbol you can taper down 5 mg the last week but you dont have to as long as there is test running after it

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    Tapering isn't necessary IMO. People did it because they felt it got their hpta back up in a 'smoother' fashion. What you gotta remember though, is that 250mg will shut you down just as hard as 500mg (pretty much). So, why taper? Keep riding it at a consistent level so long as the gains are coming (max 12 weeks).

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    No need to taper your injectibles, you body reduces them as it filters the substances out of your bloodstream.

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    bump, i agree

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    Tapering is stupid!

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    There is one reason that I can think of as to why tapering would be very beneficial. Everyone claims esterified steroids are self tapering. The amount of steroid x you have left in your system is not guessable without blood tests and thus making clomid therapy ineffective if started too soon and too much loss in gains if started too late. The more steroid you have used the longer it will remain in your system. Half lifes are still not certain, decanoate in deca is said to remain for 3 weeks but in sust 4. No one can come up with an exact figure for anyone steroids half life.
    By tapering down over a month you are sure to have enough steroid to keep gains but not too much to intefere with clomid therapy when it has begun.


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    Good point IG,

    Thats why I have decided to stop Test/Eq. in Week ten and run Winny up to week 12, starting Clomid half-way through week thirteen.

    Go on take a peak!

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    No tapering just like everyone else has said. Big AL nice frog

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