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    I feel like my right testicle is going to pull up inside my abdomen.

    After masturbating one day about 6 weeks ago I felt my scrotum and there was only 1 testicle inside. I started to panic, but after like 20 seconds my testicle popped back in. I'm not sure if maybe it just pulled up really high, and it felt like it wasn't there but actually was.
    Then yesterday I was working chest and my balls got really, really tight and I could have swore my testicle pulled up into my body. I went in the bathroom and checked and it was fine.
    But since yesterday, my right testicle is always pulled up really tight and it sort of hurts. I keep worrying its going to pull inside my body.

    Ok, I'm not even sure if its possible for my testicle to pull up inside my body. Maybe the first time was just a coincidence and now I'm just being paranoid. I don't know.

    What do you guys think?

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    yes it is possible and you need to go to the doctor to get check for a hernia. It sounds like you have an inguinal hernia and an elevated testicle. I don;t know how old you are but the elevated testicle is a medical condition many people are born with and they do not know it until they get older and do something that puts a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen area and the testicle actually pulls up inside them. If you have an actual hernia they will fix that and "tie" your testicle down into your scrotum.

    Believe me I know this first hand brother.. scary shit..


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    Ive had a hernia, its scary shit as old said. i would get that checked bro

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