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Thread: Masteron?????

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    What up guys? Got a question? Soon I am gonna jump on a win, eq, and fina cycle. Do you think Masteron is worth throwing in? Also what is your take on Masteron tabs and win tabs vs injectables? I am not doing any show or anything, but plan on hitting spring break looking impressive. I figured some clen and
    t-3 near the end also. Thought maybe some DNP , but hear to many bad things about it. All opinions, advice, and ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks fellas

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    Masteron is good compound for cutting up. It is kinda like taking Parabolan , but not as toxic. I would use it at the end of your cycle and for no more than 8 weeks. use w/ winny and equipoise . do your cycle as planned, but i would make it 8 weeks longer, and use the 3 i said to. you dont really wanna get to many compounds going at 1 time. those 3 will bring together will bring great results. dosage will depend on stats.....Peace Man

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    i might be wrong but i thought that they don't make masteron anymore?

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