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    Question Liquidex or Arimidex

    Which one of these do you think works better? I've got the hook-up for the arimidex (meaning i can get but not meaning I am a source so do not pm me for it). Also the arimidex that i can get is the liquid. Do you drink the liquid or inject it? Please shed some light on the subject for me. Thanks for any help.


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    Whatever you can get cheaper! I know A has 1mg/ml of liquid arimidex for $4 thats not a bad deal!

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    Yup, you can drink it. And it's awesome stuff. Cheaper than the pill form.

    liquidex all the way baby..

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    Liquidex is better and yes you drink it! it is more economical as it comes in a 20ml vial with 4mg per 1ml

    armadex is more expensive tablet form and is 28 tablets per box recommend does = 0.25 to 1mg per day depending on what you are taking Cycleon wrote a good post about it do a search for it

    Hope it helps!
    Ms Figure

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