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Thread: lowering dosage

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    lowering dosage

    i while ago i asked about my next cycle(it will be my second).
    i was going to do test cyp @600mg wk for 10 wks and eq @600 wk for 10 wks,with dbol @40 ed for 4 goals are to beef up a little bit more and add some solid, vascular gains.
    i was told that this will be a good stack,for what im looking for.
    my question is will i see about the same results if i were to run it at a little lower dosage say cyp@400 wk and eq @400 wk keeping the dbol @40 ed

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    Use the test as your stacking based. You can alter it as you go if you see too much bloat. Cyp @ 200mgs 2x a wk will be fine.

    Dbol ...just be sure to stop it 4-6 wks in your cycle or you may end up with more bloat than you want. could use this all by itself and see how it affects you. It will increase your appetite so you will gain nicely with it on its own.

    If you could use dbol the first half of the cycle...eq the 2nd half. Or run the eq straight through also.

    With the cyp...I would try doing your thighs and shoulders with it.

    Looks like a good cycle for at least 20 lbs. I really think you could get 20 with the cyp on its own, the eq on its own..or dbol with the cyp.

    Either way I really believe you will WIN.


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    using the lighter cycle will defintely give you less results, there is no question but it is the price at what side effects are increased in relation to the extra gain. there is little difference between 400 and 600mgs of cyp / week in side effects and nothing that shouldnt be able to be kept under control aside from perhaps some acne.

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    Definatly keep your equip at 600mg per week youll love it everything in your cycle looks good though.. Have fun

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