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    Question Health Question, FIRST CYCLE

    Hi guys, I just started my first cycle this past Monday.

    Weeks 1-10: 400mg/week EQ
    Weeks 1-10: 400mg/week T200
    Weeks 7-12: 50mg/ED Winny.

    I have taken my first 2 shots, because I am injecting Monday, Thurs.

    I am also taking 1000mg/ALA a day, (1) 500mg capsule with breakfast, and (1) 500mg capsule with lunch.

    Also taking .5mg/ED liquidex.

    Since I've began my cycle, I've always been freezing cold. Like, my body temperature is altering. Sometimes I'll be fine, and then I'll get FREEZING cold. No, its not my HOUSE, because its at the gym, in the car, etc. I think I read somewhere a while ago about ALA causing Hypo something?!?! Does that have anything to do with it?

    Do you think its sentimental, or has anyone heard of anything like this?

    I am wearing a sweater right now as I type this. PLEASE HELP!

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    dont know about the ala,and being cold but i like the cycle looks very well planned out
    the only thing i would change is winny wk 8-13
    clomid 3 days out.

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