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    D1 football. Gh+insulin

    I'm going to be playing d1 ball in the fall. i will be getting tested. I am also very serious about my physique. gh and insulin currently cannot be tested for, if i am correct. I will have enough money to afford it. I will research throughly before even considering taking, and take all precautions

    What do you guys think about this?
    Do pro football players take gh+insulin?
    Please don't flame, im just curious( idiot!do you even know the dangers!!!)

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    yes they do. I have not used GH or slin, but based on my extensive reading, the evidence is there that if you do your research you will grow like a mofo, although it is too bad you cannot us AS because of the testing. Are you d1 players tested in the offseason as well? If not, and you can start immediately, look to AS that you can use in conjuction with the GH slin that have short detection half lives. I'll go ahead at let the experienced guys chime in now.

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