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    1st cycle:deca/sus/dbol

    ight everyonee..ive been on this cycle for 15 days since may 31
    2 shots of deca a week...n startin 2nd week 2 shots of sus a week as well as bout 8-10dbols a day since day one which i will run for 6 weeks
    this is the exact cycle

    week1-6: 8-10dbol ed
    week 1-10: 2 shots deca e/w
    week2-12: shots sus e/w

    what kind of gains should i expect to recieve from this and what is a good worket program while doing this which is my 1st cycle

    also what weeks should i see good quality gains from sus and deca

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    ok i am on the same cycle except for the deca .. YOu should see good mass gaines and power starting off since your jumpstarting the cycle with the dbol . And that will give you the quick power and mass. Use it to your advantage. Drink at least one gallon of water a day. The when the sus hits you (weeks 3-4) you will know, because when you stop using the dbol, your power will still be there. Sus less bloat and more quality muscle you will see. you depending on your diet, and workout, you should gain a good 10-20 or maybe even 25lb on this.

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    Yeah, sweet cycle. I wish I would've done the d-bol in mine. Frontload the sust a little, and end the whole cycle at 10 weeks. You should see 20 and up, if you eat right.

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