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Thread: Long enough???

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    Long enough???

    I am thinking about doing a cycle of dianabol , test 250 and Equipoise . My Q's is 8 weeks on 300-400mg Equipoise long enough, i see alot of people saying the longer the better. Another thing are able to mix the test and Equipoise in one injection and how many times a week would i inject. Test - 250 for the 1st couple weeks and than 500 for the remaining 8. Thanks guys. im 5'11 189lbs I have been lifting for about 6 years now. Im looking to gain some size but mostly strength.

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    8 weeks is the minimum IMO, try to go to 10 @ 400mg/w eq and keep the test at 500mg/w for 10 weeks as well.

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    for myself, i would also say at least 10 wks, but the main thing is to
    learn and pay attention to your body. I train more than one individual
    who after 6-8 weeks, their bodies are simply done! Its really impossible
    to say specifically, so just listen to your body, and it will tell you what
    it needs.

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