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    Pin size-sus/deca?

    What Size pin should I get? I am going to be shooting sus and deca mixed in a 1ml (=1cc) solution. I would like several feedbacks to ensure I am not just getting one mans opinion. Also I am planning on shooting it in the glute and perhaps the quad.

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    G-S Guest
    23g 1 1/2" pin for glutes

    23g 1" for quads.

    If yer a smaller guy, or have very little fat, you can get away with 1" pins for both.

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    22 or 23g 1" or thighs 1 1/2" for ass...

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    thanks guys-the more feedback the better I feel about so please keep replying even if your only being repititious.

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    Im wondering if its OK to mix deca with test in the same pin. I mean is it OK to jab the 10ml bottle of deca, then go into the 10ml bottle of test with the same pin. I also heard that after the pin is full, its best to change the needle. Please help me understand this.

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    Shabba, I used a 22 gauge 1 1/2 inch needle, and I injected 200 deca , and 250 sust every Monday and Thursday into my glute. It's 3MLs in one injection, but it was really no problem at all, and didn't hurt hardly any.

    Solid-D, It's ok to stick the pin in one bottle and then the other, but just make sure you wipe each bottle with an alcohol swab before you stick the needle in it, and change the needle before you inject to make sure you're injecting with a sterile and sharp needle.

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