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    negative side effects with AS

    I have been posting and researching constantly for the last several weeks getting ready for my 1st cycle. My mind was decided on sust250 for 8 weeks, clomid post. I keep thinking about the side effects though. Some guys will tell me they had 0 sides and then I'll read about someone who breaks out w/ acne everywhere. That scares me because I am acne prone. I have been BATTLING acne for the last 2 years and I finally have it to a tolerable state. I'm afriad that if I break out again I will lose it. I have benzaclin and differin gels. If I use these before I get the break outs, will I be in the clear? If not, what can I do BEFORE it starts??
    Accutane is not out of the question. I will just have to save and obtain that before starting my cycle, therefore delaying me that much further. My skin is not that bad, so that option may not be for me. I just read that accutane can be taken several days before starting a cycle to elminate almost all possibility of getting acne. Befpre sus, I was thinking of getting on something milder like primo or winny, but wasnt sure that would get me where I wanted to be. I would rather stack the sus w/ one of the milder, hardening drugs (which some say will even out the side effects) instead of spending $$$ trying to fight the acne.

    please help.

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    The negative sides depends on each person.
    I'm prone to severe acne breakouts and puffy nips but my current cycle of T-200 & D-bol has actually cleared my acne and because my chest is fuller, the puffy nips are gone.
    My hair line is intact... knock on wood!

    On the other hand, I'm getting nasty back pain and feel tired as hell and I sometimes don't even feel like working out which defeats the whole purpose of juicing to begin with.

    What's my point?, you will only know how your body reacts to juice until you try it yourself.
    Take precautions but in my opinion, juice's sides are extremely overated and I can see why I was paranoid before I started.

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    Thanks Adonis. That is well-put.

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    along time ago when i was in my teens i had very bad acne,and before i started taking gear i was a bit nervous as well about the whole zit thing starting again,because that is what i was told was going to happen,well guess what,ive used many types of gear and the only problem i had was once in a while i got a few zits on my shoulders(nothing to even mention) and they usually came out when i started clomid.
    so .......

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    Would any one suggest him trying B12 while he's on his cycle? It does slightly help with skin blemishes and keeping the skin looking healthy (I myself haven't used it but from my research, this may be an alternative) Feel free to knock this idea. You can also try bringing it up with a dermatoligist at your local pharmacy or doctors office and they may be able to shed some light on your situation.
    In any case good luck with everything!

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