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    d-bol dosage with sustanon

    hey guys,
    I'm just started a d-bol/ sustanon cylce. I'm on 5 d-bol a day (small pink ones) and 1 ml of sust every 6th day.
    Is this correct?
    I'm 183cm and weigh 100kgs, and 28 years of age.
    Thanks for your time, and any advice would be appreciated.


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    If I were injecting 1X every six days I would have picked another testosterone than Sustanon ; something like Test. Enathate or Test. Cypionate . But I guess it's too late to suggest that.

    Dbol : 25mg ED is OK. I would take 35-50mg ED myself--if I took Dbol at all. I have done Dbol two times and the gains seemed to me pretty temporary.

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    i did this cycle and gained 20 lbs

    i ran it like:

    1 250 35 mg ed
    2 250 35 mg ed
    3 250 35 mg ed
    4 500 35 mg ed
    5 500
    6 250
    7 250
    8 250

    it is a kick ass cycle,,, as it was my 1st... did get a little bloated

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