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    Chlorine will this dry out pores?

    i will be doing foot work drills and sprint laps(in the pool) while on AS.....
    Will this help reduce acne or increase the risk of break outs. I swam in HS and can remember this drying out my that a good or bad?? Anyone w/ experience?

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    Chlorine will help keep your skin free of most dirt and most bacteria. It has helped prevent acne outbreaks for me. The downside is the dry skin.

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    The pool is great for two reasons: one, the clorine will clear up skin by drying up oil in pores, just use moisturizer after. two, you might be in the sun if your swimming and that will also dry up oily pores. Just remember moisturize with oil free moisturizer. If you don't dry skin can actually block pores which will make it worse.

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    A few years back, I read that swimming too much will cause your body to maintain a higher amount of fat to keep you warm while in the water. Then I started looking at Olympic swimmers and noticed that as lean as they look, they never have cuts. Makes sense I guess. Anyway, I swim a lot less now because of this. By no means am I suggesting that you stop swimming, only passing on this info.

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    Dryness can lead to acne too. Make sure you use something to moisturize the skin. I use aloe gel. Imagine that...bodybuilders giving skin care advice.

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    It is good but only to a certain point! Dont spend all day in there that could make you break out even more. Get some moisturizer and put that on about 30 min after you get out. It help that is what I used to do.

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    no just the surface skin. your ok.

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