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    Post Benefit of 1 or 4 ester for a novice?

    My question is.... for a first cycle is there a benefit to either taking a single ester like cyp or enan compared to taking a compound test like Omna or Sust??

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    go with regular enanthate or cyp bro...everytime.

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    if you go with a mix of esters its hard to maintain consistancy in the body,for example if you are taking 1 shot of sustenon getting a blend of esters,the fast acting one will be in and out of your system before you know it,so by the time you shoot your next shot your body will only be maintaining about 160 mg of test
    where as if you run eneth or cyp your body will maintain 200-250 mg of test until you get your next shot
    go with enethate or cyp !

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