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    Please Read And Input

    hey guys
    i just got the following email not but 10 minutes ago can someone please shed some light on the probablity of it. thanks kinda scary....

    Some very major unfortunate things have taken place due to
    I do not want to go into detail, as I am sure some of the people
    receiving this email are federal agents. I believe there will be a statement
    sometime in the future. There is inside information that Triedia is
    infested with feds, as many of you may have known for some time. The
    startling thing is that these feds are not "lurkers", but long time
    vets..people we know, confide in, trust, etc..who seemingly stab us all in
    our backs. This is not a knock on Triedia or its staff one bit. I am
    friends with Hogg and Nimrod, and many of the mods and would never want
    to cause them misforutune. This is something that could not feasably
    have been avoided. This is also not an advertisement to go to BBX
    either, for my reason above concerning who this email might be received by as
    well. My only concern and reason for having a website is to help
    everyone achieve thier goals. Whatever your goal may be..however I!
    am pretty sure that your goal is not to be locked up for something you
    belive in, something that we consider a lifestyle. We are not tearing
    our bodies down, we are not addicts, we dont rob people, we dont kill
    people, yet they feel as though we are just as bad as those who do those

    Please if nothing else is gained from this email, just reconsider who
    your friends are and ask yourself, is this really my friend. I can
    honestly say at one point in time, I thought I had many friends
    I'm not so sure if I have any but a select few....

    Stay safe,


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    Be careful who you trust. That's basically all ANYONE can say.

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    scary S**t if you ask me - but its kind of like the warnings the FBI has been issuing - saying "the sky is about to fall" but you have no way of getting anything specific to help stop it.

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