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    T-3 and test cycle question

    I posted this earlier but I didn't give a lot of detail. I'm 6" and weight 215. My body fat is 14%. I do not want to put on any mass, only lose body fat. I'm taking T-3 to do this but I do not want to burn up any muscle so I planned on taking test to counteract the effects. Should I have anything to worry about or do I not even need the test. I work in a health club and we already have the guys with mass so I'm trying to be the lean one, that is why I don't want to add any mass.

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    If you cut your calories, as you would normally do when trying to shred fat and take T3 at a dose over 75mcg/day, then you most likely wil not gain any muscle. You do need some kind of anabolic , otherwise T3 will burn a lot of muscle.

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