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    cortizone shot and test/EQ?????

    Whats up guys?

    Is it ok to get a cortizone shot while on test and EQ??????

    I will be getting one in my shoulder!

    Also, I had gotten sick about a month ago when I tried EQ for the 1st time, well after going on BIAXIN (a potent penacillin) for two weeks I got better. Well I thought I would try it again and I ended up getting the same sick symptoms yesterday and today that I had gotten before ,so I stopped the EQ AGAIN and am now taking Biaxin again. I am planning on taking the biaxin for the two weeks that it is recommended for. but I want to start a different cycle that does not consist of EQ. I have no clue why I am getting sick because of it but I am(BIG TIME). So I was thinking about taking primobolan in its place and starting it right away ( in about 5 days). What do you guys think?????

    So here are my questions:

    1.Is it ok to get a cortizone while on biaxin?

    2. Is it ok to get a cortizone shot a week after I took 500mgs of test and 300mgs of EQ??????????????

    3. Is it ok to change from EQ to primobolan after only taking EQ for 1 week

    4, Should I or is at least ok too continue running my test while on biaxin?

    5. IS THIS OK? every day-(ed)

    Week 1 is already finished! I started week 2 today with biaxin but I am not sure if I can keep running the test?

    1. 500mgs primoteston - 300mgs EQ
    2. 500mgs primoteston - 1000mgs biaxin (ed)
    3. 500mgs primoteston - 400mgs of primobolan - 1000mgs biaxin (ed)


    Weeks 4 thru 10 I will be taking 500mgs of test and 400mgs of primobolan per week.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know this is alot but I am in big time need for some advise.

    Thanks guys!

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    my advice is stop everything dont juice and dont train while getting cotisone shots, wait till a good few weeks later then build up slowly as u will do mor damage otherwise. I dont know about biaxin sorry


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