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    can you please give me a diet and work out plan to follow

    Hi, I just got 150 tabs of clenbuterol . I also have a bottle of upjohn 30cc
    winstrol . And 50 '5mg" winstrol tabs. I am looking to get ripped and
    fast!!!!! I can follow any diet not matter how hard. I need to loose 20
    pounds in one month. Can you please give me a workout routine plus crash
    diet to follow. Also how much winny should i be taking a week? And how much
    clenbuterol and for how long. Some people say to take clen for 2 weeks on 2
    weeks off? Others say 2 days on 2 days off is the best. So hard to know what
    is the best thing for me to do. I AM ALSO TAKING ECA STACK PLUS L-CARNITINE. Have tried alot, and have a good base just need to cut it up. please e-mail me with any help! also a work out and diet plan to follow would be great. all do anything!!!
    Thanks Jay

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    Bro im sorry to tell you this, but unless you have alot of water stored you cannot lose 20 pounds in one month. you would be dead

    clen is usually taken 2 weeks on and two weeks off with eca in the off weeks. I havent taken winny so i cannot speak of that.

    What diet are you currently on? and what are your stats? hight,weight,BF%

    i suggest six meals a day, watch the carb intake and make sure you eat protien. drink TONS of water and hit the cardio 5 times a week for 45 mins.

    the bros and sis's can help out im sure. oh btw is this your first cycle?

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    REPLY::::::::: my stats DIET

    I am 22 5'9 185. I have 16 inch arms 34 waist not sure about the rest. I train about 4 times a week or more. 30 min cardio plus 2 body parts. I EAT ONE MEAL A DAY SINCE I STARTED MY DIET LAST WEEK. LUNCH FOR ME IS THE ONLY MEAL THEN 2 OR 3 SHAKES A DAY. I DRINK 25CC OF WINNY WHEN I GET UP AND 25CC WHEN I GO TO BED WITH 6 ECA PILLS AND 2 TEA SPOONS OF L-CARNITINE PLUS 3 CLEN TABS IN THE AFTERNOON AND 3 WHEN I WORK OUT. I WOULD LIKE TO CUT DOWN TO 165 BY JUNE 15, AS I AM GOIND FOR AN ACTING JOB AND IT REQUIRES ME TO BE RIPPED. i HAVE BEEN TRAINING FOR YEARS HAVE ALOT OF BASE JUST NEED TO CUT IT UP. When i was a kid i was very fat talking about 14 years old I WAS 225 POUNDS size 42 waist. when i was 16 i started crash dieting and it has been i life time job to keep IT off. I have some loose skin around the belly "it will never go away" Last summer i looked my best waying 160 i was super cut size 31 waist. Then my friend pushes me this winter to get big with him so i do 6cc of EQ for 8 weeks. I think it was fake shit as EQ is like deca . And what i got from it was more like TEST OR SUSPENSION as i went from 160 to 195 i looked big and hard also bloated and chubby. so since december when i got off i have been trying to get rid of this fat i gained on that shit. NEVER AGAIN WOULD I DO ANYTHING BUT CLEN, DECA, OR WINNY. AS THEY WORK GREAT FOR ME. I AM GETTING TO MY DEAD LINE I AM SO CLOSE TO WHAT I WANT. YET I NOW COME TO A POINT THAT I ONLY HAVE TILL JUNE 15. I WILL FOLLOW ANY DIET NO MATTER HOW HARD ANY WORK OUT PLAN ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME WILL BE GREAT.

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