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Thread: smuggling?

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    Question smuggling?

    I'm going home so I can get some supplies. Do you think that the airport metal detecter will detect the small metal ring holding the rubber stopper on, on the vials? And if so, do you think I could take those metal rings off and tape the stopper done without losing the vaccuum inside of the vial?
    thanx for any help.

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    airport security is tight as hell right now, if they did catch you you would be crucified to the extent possible, the metal rings arent picked up in the dector i dont think because they are alum and not much at all but im not sure on that so get a 2nd or 3rd or 100th opionion, i wouldnt go through a airport IMO

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    Not that I have but i have "heard" that you just though it in your luggage not you carryon but the stuff that you check in..

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