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    is this how im supposed to feel

    i finally started last mon Im running Eq400mg Test400mg and dbols at 30mgED i know that the Eq and Test need at least 3 weeks to kick in but im worried if my dbols are working I put on 4 lbs already but i not feeling any increase in strenght Could the 4lbs be from me eating like a horse or is it from the Dbols And im drinking a gallon and 1/2 almost two gallons of water a day One thing i can say is that today while doing chest i didnt lift more weight than usual but i felt like me pecs were gonna pop cause they were so pumped Let me know if you think my dose is too low and i need to up it or if the dbols are slowing working

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    sounds like everything is going good for 2 wks,wait another 2 and see what happens,looks like a nice cycle

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