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    Post Can Some One Help

    after doing research and asking questions i figured that i will be starting with this stack:

    Muscle Building Combo #2
    CEO's Favorite!
    Fastest Muscle Growth Allowed By Law!
    ASN Humagro--Growth Hormone , Highest Most Effective Allowed by the FDA!
    AST 4-DIOL 250--Great Dose of the Amazing 4-Androstenediol!
    GEN Creavescent--Effervescent Creatine AND a Full Dose Of Glutamine!
    EAS Myoplex Deluxe - 20 Servings--Amazing Protein with V2G, GKG, and CLA.

    I would just like everyones say about this.
    Does anyone know of this combo? Is anyone on it right now or has taken it before that can help me out and tell me if its worth buying or not?
    If anyone knows of anything better to start off on please let me know.

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    wrong forum bro, supplement questions.

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    I'd sat being 82 years old like your dob states you should be just happy you can lift the weights

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