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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    i'm setting up a cycle for a buddy. Here's his info. 6' about 170lbs, 14%bf. No cycle experience. wants to put on about 15lbs or more by August.
    Can anyone help me out? We've got to get him big pretty quick.
    I was thinking of a d-bol/test/? cycle.


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    No offence mate... If your mate is 6 foot tall... and only weighing 170 lbs... at 14% body fat then he shouldn't be even thinking about touching steroids ... How old is he? and how long has he been training?? Because at 6foot tall... and 170lbs he must be pretty damn skinny, and has either not been training long at all... or has had a very poor Diet/Training schedual.. so if he does do Steroids he will get practically nothing from them unless he fixes up the diet and training first, and packs on some serious mass first naturally... at 6 foot man your friend should be well over 200lbs (or even 200lbs as a minimum) to be even thinking about doing AS...

    If your truly a friend man.. advice him that touching AS is definatly not in his Best interests just yet...

    Good Luck Mate..


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