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    Test 250 and Dbols cycle!

    Whats up iam weigh 220 , 5'11 ive been working out for 2 years and 5 days a week. I want to start my first cycle of
    1-4 dbols
    1-10 test250
    10-13 clomid and I also have provarian.
    I would like some advice on the cycle and maybe if you culd help me if it needs changes or if it perfect the doses I have might not be correct.
    test250 either 100 tuesday and thursday
    clomis i read you need to take small in the beginning than more towards the end. Can I get some Info thanks.

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    25-40mg dbol /ed for 8-12 weeks
    500mg test/ew
    you need to get more clomid for the end of your cycle, maybe also get some armidexb.

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    You need to start clomid 2-3 weeks after your last shot of test depending on which ester you are using...

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