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    pain killers and juice

    A couple weeks ago I posted a question concerning a posssible infection around my injection site. I appreciate the help from anyone who answered and it must have just been the b.a. in the sust. that was causing the redness and swelling. It took a week to go away but at least it was not an abcess after all.
    Now Im almost in my fourth week and feeling great, have put on about 10 lbs. already and am about to bump the sust. up to 500 mg a week and start 30 mg winstrol a day.
    So anyway, yesterday Im grappling and sometime while on the mats I screwed up my back. Im not really sure how, since I have been grappling very light lately for the very reason that I didnt want to get injured jepoardizing my cycle. But it happened, just a fluke thing I guess. My lower back is pretty screwed up right now, Im afraid to do much of any lifting much less the shit I really want to concentrate on like squats and deadlifts. Im gonna have to wait a little while (a few days or so) to minimize the chance of making it worse and hope it gets a little better.
    My question is I would like to take motrin to alleviate any inflamation that might be associated with my back pain so it will heal faster (or something even stronger, like tylenol with hydrocodone wich my wife takes) but am concerned about putting additional strain on my liver. So exactly how hard on your liver are steroids ? How do they compare to the strain that alcohol puts on your liver and kidneys? And do you think taking pain killers for a short time would put me at serious risk for liver problems?

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    bump im courious about this one, also what kinda side effects would taking a codine during your cycle have on u

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    bro first see chiropractor--they work great
    second with all my years of grappling and heavy weights i do more painkillers, anitinflamatories and drugs then elvis did
    i had a physical about 11 months ago and 1 liver enzyme was slightly elavated. i got off cycle(time was up anyway) and used milk thistle and next blood work(which i always suggest when doing gear) was normal

    so moral of story in my opinion its not going to put much more strain on liver--just take milk thistle and drink extra water for kidneys and you should be ok--but get blood work done after cycle and if your really uncomfortable about this ask your doc

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