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    Omnadren vs. Propionate

    My first post here, looking for some help from the pros!

    After reading on here for three weeks or so I was planning on running a simple cycle of omnadren 250 twice a week for 10 weeks and then following that up with clomid. I gave my buddy the cash to get it from his "suplier" and he ended up coming back with propionate because omnadren would not be available for another 3 weeks or so. I talked to his suplier and he told me that the propionate is better because it wasn't mixed with anything and i was getting a better deal because it's usually more expensive then omnadren. I took his word for it at the moment, but then immediately came on here and read up on it and now I think he was shitting me! Blackmarket pricing states that I should be getting about twice the amount for what i paid, and I've read that I have to shoot every other day or so. I wasn't planning on stacking but it looks like I have no other choice when using this stuff. I understand the difference between the two, I'm just wandering if I should bother doing a cycle of ONLY propionate and if so how much a week, and did i get ripped off!

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    prop should be taken everyday and can be stacked with almost everything. depending on your experience and what kind of prop you got you should be around 1cc per day. (100g)
    Look around the board as lots of guys are stacking it. you can take it alone, but you need clomid regardless as the test shuts the nutz down.
    Try stacking with eq. it's good shit. you can run that at 400-600mg/wk for about 10 weeks and see excellent results. Basically Test is a good base for almost any cycle.
    I'm planning a cycle of t-prop/fina/eq with possibly a little winny at the end. Not looking for a ton of weight but going to be hard. Good luck and do your homework before you start.

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    Prop is great!
    Im about to start my cycle.
    1-13 tprop 100 mg ED
    1-10 deca 400 mg
    1-4 dbol 50 mg ED

    Prop is awesome bro

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    Omnadren is fairly cheap but also very counterfited. Test propinate is much cheaper then omnas but has a tottaly diffrent effect. I love propinate take it at around 150mg/eod it works great if you can stack it with some EQ to really harden up. I am currently on Omnas right now they are awesome. If you do pick them up tem up, they should have a white paper label, with black print, the corners of the label should be rounded and it also will have a a 5digit lot# and exp date with Jelfa printed on the side, also it will have a white dot on top of the amp. Watch out for fakes there are alot of them. I can always check the lot# to find out if it is legit.

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