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    Question Winny Stack Advice

    Any advice on what and how much to stack with Winny V in a cycle would be appreciated. Want to gain muscle mass, while losing body fat. I am 5'8'', 225 at about 20% bodyfat. Does Deca or Sust work well with Winny? Thanks, bros!

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    It's extremely difficult to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time...not impossible, but difficult. I would say a better goal would be to increase lean body mass and winstrol is a great drug for accomplishing that. It will promote strength gains as well as gains in lean muscle with no water retention. It stacks well with deca , eq or test propionate . If it's your first cycle I would recommend deca or eq as they only have to be administered 2x per week as opposed to ED or EOD with prop. A good stack wouild be:

    weeks 1-10 deca (or EQ) @ 400mg/week
    weeks 3-8 winstrol @ 50mg/day (although I made good gains from 50m/eod on my first cycle)
    *clomid post cycle

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