Heres the steriods i have,and i am planning on competing on sept 28th.
Test prop,finabolan 2 bottles 30mls each,35 winny tabs 50mgs,20cc's winny injectable,test enth,30mls of eq 50mgs,100 nolvadex 's.

My cycle got all screwed up due to,i changed my moind about competing.I went on a 2 month cycle gained 20lbs in 1st 2 weeks with fast acting juices-and eating HUGE. then got up to 235lbs from 200lbs.Then i decided to be a male dancer so i tryed to tone up,i lost almost 40lbs-lol OUCH!
iM NOW BACK UP TO 208LBS-yee ha.I looked good on stage though-lol.
but now i want to compete at light heavy weight,and body fats like 10% maby 11%.Im 5"10 208-27 years old.
What i am asking is for some one that has competed before to help me out with this cycle,ive got the eating knowledge so far,thru friends and books,and trial and error,but i need to be 195lbs ripped to the bone. Oh yeah i got CYNEBUTEROL TOO.
Problem being ive been on juice for 2 months then i took 2 weeks off to do hcg -clomid-and then nolva dex.Now i am taking sustenon 500mgs a week for 2 weeks now,and i ran out.And i took 12 a50's 1 daily,and ran out but if u look above i got all those juices to work with,hope MY LIVER CAN HANDLE THEM-OUCH
I'd appreciate if ONLY COMPETITIVE BODY BUILDERS will help me out here,not trying to be rude but i need help-thanks guys.
I live in toronto canada,if anyones from there and wants to talk juice,email me-btw IM NO FUCKEN PIG!!!-LOL