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    anyone with deca and win stack experience read this!!!

    I should be gettin my deca300 and my winstol depot in about a week from now. i know the deca will put some size on me and the winstrol with shred me up...should i run the deca first and half way start the win or start together or what??? if you have used this cycle please right yours down according to weeks 1-12 ..i will also have some clomid on hand

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    Hey bro is this your first cycle and are you wanting to bulk up or cut. However, I am on a test/deca /winny cycle at this moment.

    Week 1-10 500mg of test200
    Week 1-10 400mgs of deca
    Week 8-12 50mgs ED
    Week 13 Clomid

    I also had to start Nolva becasue I was getting gyno symptoms. I didn't want to wait and see if they really were so I jumped on the Nolva.

    The cyc is going good. However, I have not gained a pound. But I have gotten a lot bigger. I am also just starting my 9th week of the cycle.

    For you though, I would throw in some test. It will give you better results. IMO! Good luck!

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