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    Need some opinions about Bulking

    I wanted get some opinions for a bulking cycle I am 26 and this will be my third cycle within the last two years my first cycle was Deca 600 mg week,test propinate 300 mg week,and winstrol 50 mg every other day. I did this for 8 weeks...My second cycle was sten 5 amps a week 120mg an amp for six weeks i had no luck with the sten gained about 8 or 9 pounds i should have stacked it but lesson learned......This time i have 10,000 mg worth of test enathate, 2,975 mg of Reforvit-B 25 mg ml(liquid D-bol)and 600 mg of Nolvadex 10 mg tabs can get some opinions?I want to pick up some serious mass also i need more size on my arm bad any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.......Thanks

    my stats are
    Bf 19%
    weight 219
    arms 17
    neck 17 1/2
    chest 46
    thighs 27 1/2

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    dbol should help alot but you might wanna get your bf a little lower before a bulk cycle IMO , its up to you but i would

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    Ya, definately drop the BF to the lower-mid teens so as you dont end up in the 20s when your cycle is done. But make sure the way you are getting your bf% taken is accurate, if you're using a scale, those things are bullshit. Get it done by one of those submerged water machines, or at the very least calipers. If you did do it the right way, then simply just get on the cardio for a month or so, and you should drop bf quick. Keep the diet VERY clean too. No alcohol.

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