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    Update on eq/test/wiiny cycle

    Hey guys I been real busy lately so sorry if I havent been around a lot but just wanted you guys to know that im in my 10th week and i freaking love this cycle. I have gotten a more lean look and a hell of a lot stronger in the gym. I wish I wouldve stuck to my diet alittle better but it was hard for me cause of time. Ive gained 15 lbs from this cycle but maybe wouldve gained more if i didnt take armidex with my cycle and diet a little better but all in all it was worth it. To all the bros that helped me out, I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me gain the knowledge i have about gear. My goal is to catch up with Big Kev cause once i get his size i will be satisfied ..hehe. anyway nice to see the bros again

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    Congratulations ranger mate.... Glad to hear your impressed with your Cycle.. what were your stats before and after Bro???

    And good to see your aiming high... Big Kev is one large fella

    Good Luck with the remander of the cycle..


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    wondered where you were
    no sides yet or problems from what you went through? i hope not

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    I didnt have really no side effects except maybe hard time sleeping. Im feeling very healthy and I have before and after pics i need to post cause you can really tell i have made progress but i tried not to pay attention to wieght cause scales i was suing kept giving me crazy readings so I quit weighing myself and rely on looking at pics to see how much i grew and boy i can really tell.

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    glad to hear you like the cycle and im looking forward to see the pictures

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