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    dirty gear??????

    if i was 100% sure that my site was clean and the needle was sterile then the cause of my cellulitis must be the gear But Im using TT EQ and Tornel Test Two very popular brands and as long as ive been on the board ive have never haerd of anyone contracting cellulitis If it my gear then what should i do with the gear How do i make it so its not dirty Thanks guys im just trying to get to the bottom of how i got this damn infection And if anyone cares KNOCK ON WOOD its going away Almost completly gone today

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    Was your gear open to air for an extended period of time? Thats the only way I could see bacteria infecting the gear.

    I've heard of guys heating the gear up to kill bacteria but I don't know how sensitive to temp they would be in terms of damaging the gear.

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    pheedo is right unless it was exposed to open air i don't kow how?

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    i have heard of tornel being contaminated before a couple of times. you never really know how its being made. take a 12 pack of corona,line them up and see if they look the same. and if they are off imagine what meds could be off

    probably something else and not gear but if it happens again i would get rid of it.

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