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    Question Question on dbol's

    Hello everyone.

    Well, I have a few questions, but first let me tell you a little about me. I'm 21, 6'1 210 pounds.
    I have never used dbol 's before, this is my first time. A few of my friends have used them in the past and have
    recommended them to me to use. This is the first I have went to the gym in 5 years. I eat fairly good, 3 protein
    shakes a day, and eat lots of food that contain protein throughout the day. My question is, what is the recommended
    dosage (Mg) a day? My friends have been telling me just take 1 tab (5 mg) a day, but I've been reading on here and
    on other places that anything less then 25-30 mg a day is a waste and has no purpose. Is this true? And when should I take it
    during the day? Also, what else can I stack with dbol? And is clomid a must? Also, what else can I use to keep my gains.

    Sorry if this is long, I appreciate your time and any feedback.

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    D-bol only is one of the shitties stand alone cycles there is. I think you should do a LOT more research before you start. 5mg of Do wont do shit for you. You should go and do some more research, then come back and put up a cycle that you think might be good for your goals. That lets everyone know that you have done the reading and know a bit about what going into your boady, insted of us just thinking you are looking for an easy way.

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    SHOT has got a post dedicated to you bro on BSS.

    Do some research it will help you, 5mg of D-Bol LOL.

    No flame intended!


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    Mike Guest
    Theres validity in what BG21 said - I like when someone researches and proposes a cycle for themselves even if its terrible and needs to be completely changed at least it would show you researched etc and then we can help you out - as for the dbol - no 5mg/day is silly - the friends that recommended it could not possibly have gotten anything from it - and I really believe you need to lift naturally now that you are back in the gym before you decide to juice

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