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    Help !! I have wicked muscle spasm's and cramps

    I get wicked muscel cramps, and spasma . after i work out mostly after i do back and biceps.... it gets so bad i cant bend my arms it just locks up my muscles.. i cant even wash my hair in the shower because my arms get stuck bent... i hurts like a mofo
    My cycle is as follows
    Fina 75mgs eod 1-6
    sus 500mgs 1-12
    Eq 600mgs 1-12
    Winny 50mgs eod 7-14
    Clomid post cycle ofcourse
    Im on my 3rd week what do you think ???


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    2000mg/d calcium and 1000mg/d magnesium bro, should help a TON, make sure you drink atleast a quart of water during your time in the gym.

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    Also a good dose of a time released potassium would do a LOT of good and depending on how long you work out and what kinda diet your on a high glycemic carb drink migh also help.

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