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    Cycle Question

    Hey guys, I weigh 185 and I would like to get to 200 mark but I don't want alot of extra bulk, so the plan is to put on some mass and then make it lean and hard...
    Weeks 1-5: Sus-500mg, Deca 400mg
    Weeks 6-8: Propionate 100mg eod, eq-400
    Weeks 9-13: Primobolan 400mg, Winny 50mg eod
    My diet is clean, 4000cals, 250g protien, 90g of fat, 600-650 carbs.
    I will probably start to cut the calories , fat and carbs back by week seven and eventually sit around a 2500-3000 calories a day by the end of the cycle.
    Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.
    My Stats are:
    5'7, 185lbs, bf 13% +/-
    I also have Nolvadex , Privoron, and Clomid for post cycle.
    Thanks everyone

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    Why are you running Sus & Deca for only 5 weeks? It takes about that long to even kick in. Also, why are you running EQ for only 2 weeks? No flame bro....but you need some SERIOUS research before you go poking yourself with all these oils.

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    do the deca for 8 weeks .and eat.........15lbs.easy gain.

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