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    HELP! shoud i go to the doc?

    I did a injection of 3cc's of test on sunday night. Monday night, there was a lump, and it was a little red. it's now thrus. and the red is gone but the lump is still there and the pain is intense!!!
    It's like a golf ball size and i've iced/heated it, it's still the same size, it may be my head, but i think it's getting bigger. i don;t have a fever and feel fine except for the pain. i've been eating motrin like crazy the past few days and now it doesn't even work anymore, i'm up to 4x400mg every 5hrs, i think i'm getting immune to it. also, as i've stated before, i punctured something when injecting about 1/2 way into the glute, cause i felt a sharp pain, aspirated and it was fine, so i pushed it all the way in and finished the injection. infection? i dunno. abcess? i dunno. what the hell is the matter? when will it go away?

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    if it still there i would try to drain it. but ask someone with more experience.

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    3 cc's ouch! Never go over 2 cc's. I know some bros that did this and they stuck a needle in and sucked out the fluid. I couldn't do it. You on college campus go to the clinic.

    Hope you ass starts feeling better.

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