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    Flying South.........

    Flu like symptoms....????

    Just started my cycle on Monday, injected Mon and Wed. Today I am very nauseous and tired. Imagination or sides?

    So far I'm shooting 450mg decca/wk, and 250mg Sust/wk. Will hopefully have d-bol to start Mon @ 35 mg ED.

    Also, appetite is crazy! Should this be happening this soon???

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    Sounds like the sust flu bro. lots of guys get it. Not a problem- you'll get back to normal soon. Just make sure you're eating lots of complex carbs. That will help with the tiredness.

    myself, I don't get the nausea- but yeah I got really tired on a sust only cycle until I started eating more carbs. And I'd get really hot and sweat like a hog while sleeping. and have fucked up dreams and sleeping trouble. It goes away though after a week or so though.

    Just from my own experience- i think it's the rapidly rising test (or other AAS) levels that give the flu-like symptoms. just a guess though- don't quote me on that.

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    yeah sus most likely give flu for about 3 days....after that you r straight

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    Ya bro I get the same side effects from Sost, but not to worry just like the others guys said after a few weeks into the cycle you will not suffer from the flu like syptoms although i seem to sweat like a pig and have wacked out dreams through the whole cycle.
    Does anybody know if diet or mixing Sost with something like Deca will ease these symptoms??

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