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    Question cycle input & gyno fears.

    New here. Done research on the board and web. I've study specifically on the subject of post cycle recovery and gyno. Still very hazy on the subject. Like your input.

    My Stats: 5' 8", 225 lbs (mostly fat 25%+ b/f, all stomach & handles), 34, started working out at 18, seriously at 22-25, been out since I got married 7 years ago. I have a good frame, large shoulders, chest, solid legs. Used to be 190lb, lower BF, much larger measurement, want to get back!!!! Desk job, chasing my 3-year old wears me out!!! Back in the Gym and on diet. Workout is low weight, 10-12 reps, 9 sets/body part, 2 body parts/day + 30 - 45 mins of cardio, 3day on/1day off workout split. Located in south Louisiana. Have done cycles of Cyp, Winny, anavar before, each alone, no stacking. Can do pins, but don't have access to source at this point.

    I'm looking to slim down this gut and add strength (since muscle burns calories better also). I need more endurance to chase my kid, hence the carido. (also have three nephews all under 9) I'm not too concerned about size at this point. My buddy is 5-9, 250, and big enough for both of us!! Also don't need to buy new threads if I'm buying gear, not that I'd mind!!! I'm working towards a twice a day workout: Cardio before work, pre-breakfast and evening lifting pre-dinner. Did I mention I have a gut? I want to dedicate myself for a full 12-weeks to see results. I'd like to lose 3 inches on my gut and one on my neck.

    First the cycle and request for input.

    wk 1-6 anavar 50mg/day
    wk 1-4 primobolan tabs or depot 100mg/day
    wk 7-12 winny 50mg/day

    Clen : 2 wks on/ 2 wks off - ramp up to 120mcg/day
    ECA stack : Taken during off weeks of clen.
    Clomid : wk 13-14; 1 st day 300mg,
    100mg/day next 10 days, 50mg/day last 10 days.
    ALA, Milk thistle, Water, good low carb/high protien diet, multi-vit, BCAA, glutamine.

    1) is it necessary to take Novaldex during any of this cycle? No test, no heavy Androgens.
    2) is the cycle too long, too short, just right?
    3) should I cycle any of the AS up and then down?
    4) is HCG needed post cycle to kick start Test production?
    5) any suggestions on supps other than above?

    I do not want to use T-3 (cytomel /synthorid). I have a family history of hypothyroid and do not want to risk it.

    Now the post cycle and gyno.

    Is this correct?:
    1) Nolvadex binds to estrogen in the blood stream stongly, but doesn't significantly stimulate natural test production. Fights gyno by not allowing E to bind to breast tissue.
    2) Arimidex stops the conversion of test to estrogen in cycle.
    3) Proviron is an anti-aromatase that inhibits the increase in estrogen levels in cycle.
    4) Clomid stimulates test production, binds to estrogen, but more weakly than N. Used post cycle.
    5) HCG kickstarts the nads to produce test naturally post cycle.

    My mother and maternal uncle both developed breast cancer at 60+ so I truly want to avoid the build up of breast tissue, just in case. It seems the a combo of Nolvadex & either Arimidex or Proviron during the cycle would best prevent gyno and clomid/HCG would kickstart the natural test to maintain gains. Looks expensive though!!!

    Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks bros. I've really learned alot on this board and I enjoy the friendly atmosphere. I looked on a few other boards which may be okay for sources, but the input is questionable, sketchy, and contradictatory. This place is a godsend.


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    one and only bump

    If I can't get input on this bump, I'll let the thread die.


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    let the thread die..or just do a test (ena or cyp) cycle only..sinse it is ur first time just do test and get about 400-500mg for 10-12 weeks with an anit-estrogen ..arimidex is the best but most expensive or do nolva.

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    ok bro just use 500 mg test enthanate for 12 weeks, proper pct, and through out the cycle because of your high fat content, and being scared of gyno run 1mg letro ed and use nolva post cycle.

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    um the thread was dead, says 6-22-2002 on my computer. lol

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