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    Cycle advice needed to gain Lean Muscle Mass

    I am 18 6'2 and 200 pounds. Bf is 14%. I have been training hard for 2 years. I did half a cycle of 300mg Deca after my first year. It gave me some decent strength/size gains. It made me feel puffy and a little gross though because of all the eating I did.

    I have a tendency to get really thick. I ran hard and ate right for several months now and leaned myself down quite a bit. I want to do a full cycle to get my muscles lean hard and bigger.

    Here is the cycle I was thinking of taking:

    Weeks 1-10 300 Mg of Deca each week

    Weeks 3-10 100 Mg of Winstrol (50 Mg and then do another 50 in 3 days)

    Will this give me the results I want of a lean hard muscular look? I want to stay away from more hardcore steriods . But any advice on other cycles and on this one would be great.

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    First off are too young to be using can still grow a whole lot more naturally (trust me on this one bro...i grew a lot by just dieting and training hard).....but since you probably won't listen and end up doing AS anyways its probably best for me to point you in the right direction...or at least try. Throw some test in there cause you don't want the problem of deca -dick! IMO...winny is best ran @ 50mg/everyday or at minimum every other day.

    Run it for six you can take care of that precious liver...and make sure you run some liver protectant too (ALA, tyler's liver detox, milk thistle, etc.)

    Do you have clomid and novaldex on hand? You WILL need clomid for post-cycle therapy and nov. just in case any gyno symptoms arise.

    Again i highly recommmed you wait to use AS until you are a bit older and have gotten to your natural potetial size. But its your body bro.

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    I agree with AZlifter, you're to young to be using AS. I'm not going to flame you, but your body is still growing and your nowhere your natural peek. Take some time to think about it and do the research also make sure you have clomid and anti-e. I don't belive Nolvadex be an effecitve anti-estrogen for Deca . You might consider Vitex.

    Having said that I would look into using EQ (Equipoise ) instead of Deca. EQ has less water retention and will make you more vascular. The gains should be about the same. Also you said the Deca made you a little puffy.

    By the way I just started my first cycle this week. I'm running Deca/Test200 for 9/10 weeks. I choice Deca over EQ b/c of my age and joint pains, it was a hard choice. I'm 35 and have had a few surgeries. Hopefully I won't get D-dick

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