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    Deca Winny Cycle what will this do for me?

    Weeks 1-10 300 Mg of Deca

    Weeks 3-10 50 mg of Winstrol every 3 days

    I am looking to put on some lean muscle mass. I want weight but I want to have a hard muscular look.

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    Hey bro, a stack that most guys, including myself will recommend is doing a test/deca (or eq)/winny stack. You could do a test2 400mgs and deca 300mgs for week 1-10. Then start your winny at week 7-12. And clomid therapy week 13. If you run this type of cycle I believe you will get what you are looking for. IMO, you may want to bump up you deca and then maybe bump the test.

    But bro, before any of us move forward it is vital to post your stats. The above stack is a genral stack. It could and may vary depending on your stats. Let us know!

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    winstrol should be taken everyday...

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