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    how long before i feel test cyp takin effect?

    right now im taking 350mg of deca with 200mg of test cyp. How long before i will start seeing results and feelin increased aggression??

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    G-S Guest
    INcreased aggression? LOL

    You'll notice some changes around the 3 to 5 week mark.

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    deca 3 weeks
    test within 2 days you will be at your peak for that injections, last for about 14 days.

    It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to start feeling things if you have been off cycle.

    Hope you dont get aggression feelings. If you do rethink things.

    I would go to an anger management class.

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    yea 3 weeks you shpould be ok on the agression if u cant take the heat get out the kitchen

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    sorry for the misunderstanding, i meant more confidence. You know how test affects us men. Us men who are loaded with test think were rambo lol. thats what kind of aggresion im talkin about

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