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    need help fast!!!

    i took one shot of 250mg sus into my quad 2 days ago, no i can barely walk. i am new to the board and would apprecite any new advice. the pain is like severe muscle soreness and has some swelling, i am also having hot & cold flashes like i have a fever. should i go to the er or wait it out. please post thread. and place were shot was is itchy.

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    Sounds like onset of the sus flu...or bogus gear. I'll bump this up for the more experienced, but for me it wasn't that bad of a pain when I shot my glute, the quad could be a little different. I hope it gets better buddy.

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    Not bunk gear. Sounds exactly like what I had. What brand of Sus do you have ?? Hope it's not an old batch of TTokkyo. That's got a high BA content and did the same to me. Figured since I use my legs a lot everyday, it'll come out quicker - actually took me out longer as opposed to stickin it in the ass.

    And the fever / chills you're gettin - Sus flu. Get used to it or get new gear.

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    Did you clean the area, were you stuck yourself, good with alcohol.
    If you have an infection at the site it might feel warm to the touch. Sust. hurts a lot of people. Don't worry until you have a fever (check with a thermometer). If you have a fever take some tylenol, every 4 hours. That sould bring it down. If the fever doesn't break within a day go to E.R. They will give you an antibiotic. Bro you will not die you will be O.K. The most important thing to remember is CLEAN the site GOOD, and use new needles every stick.

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