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Thread: cycle critique

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    cycle critique

    What do u think about this cycle?

    Dbol Testoviron Deca HCG
    week1: 30mg 200mg
    week2: 30mg 300mg
    week3: 40mg 400mg
    week4: 40mg 500mg 400mg
    week5: 500mg 400mg
    week6: 500mg 400mg
    week7: 500mg 400mg
    week8: 500mg 300mg
    week9: 500mg 200mg
    week10: 500mg 200mg
    week11: 250mg
    week12: 5000iu
    week13: 5000iu plus 50 mg
    clomid everyday.
    Keeping Nolva close at hand and running proviron through the lenght of the cycle

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    Don't know about all the tapering. Just run straight up 30-40mg dbol for first 4. Test run for 10 @ 400-500mg and deca for 10 @ 400mg all the way thru. Don't think you're gonna need HCG . That stuff is best left to longer cycles, 16 weeks +. Just clomid starting 3 weeks after last shot will be fine. Nolva is a good choice just in case.

    Solid cycle. As my fellow O G's 3-6 Mafia would say..."Tear the Club Up".

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    i agree with pump, pretty soild cycle good luck...

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