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    Question Anyone know anything about Vitamin B-12 injectables?

    I have been told that by taking Vitamin B-12 injectables increases one’s appetite. Is there anyone that can confirm this? Also, I have been told that the proper dosage is 1cc every other day using Insulin needles in the muscle (buttocks, shoulder, etc.). Please let me whatever correct information you have heard about Vitamin B-12.

    I am a hard gainer with small appetite and I can use all the help I can get when it comes time to eating. Hopefully, the myths about B-12 will turn out to be true.

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    Go to the educational Forum within this forum, there is a really good post about vitamin b-12 injections.

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    not 1cc eod bro. thats to much. 1cc a week and your good. anything more than that will be pissed out and its a waste. im taking 1cc a week which is 1mg. i use a 25g 5/8 pin doing delt shots

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    Do an advanced search for cyanocobalimin and post by TNT, you will get all the info you need.


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